Dragon Age: A Sword of Glass

From Roïn’s Journal

“The Weight of an Anvil: Deadly Shrieks, Undercity”…

A parting prayer for the released dwarf spirits and we continued forth. Myself and the dwarf rogue set out ahead to scout. It was not long until we came across the party that I recognized as one of the greater escorts to the army. We assailed them. I decided to forgo my bow and thrust myself into the melee with my blade. Foolishly. The great and hulking darkspawn I challenged pressed with a wicked ferocity, bringing me to my knees with his two devilish curved twin daggers. Rescued by my comrades and our coordinated strikes, we finally vanquish them, though at cruel cost to our own health. I took some savage blows from the beast, who’s weapons were tossed my way. I belted the sheathed daggers, stained with my own blood and that of my allies. We pressed on grimly.
The magisters decided to take a moment of respite while the dwarf and I again scouted ahead. We came across a pair of beastly darkspawn; shrieks. Deadly and efficient predators; gruesome in their effectiveness. They bounded for me, having taken point. The one on me pouncing on my back as I turned to flee, the other leaping past for my dwarven compatriot. The savage protrusions from its arms tore into my back and body as it brought me to the ground. I felt the end as it tore open wounds only just bandaged from our previous encounter. The dwarf and his pursuer disappeared around a bend. The grisly gnashing of teeth and the guttural death whispers of the shriek buffeting all other sounds. The sounds of the earth. The roiling, living earth. The searing heat of it’s magma lifeblood flowing below. With desperate dexterity, I freed myself from the creature’s hold and barreled into him full force. This final assault took the monster off guard, but more importantly, off the ledge of the precipice overlooking one of the great magma floes in the Deep. I gritted my teeth, my vision limned in red, scouring the surroundings for more assailants, for my ally. I pick him out far back, in dire struggle himself against another shriek. I load a bolt into the crossbow and let fly, aiding in his dispatch of the other shriek down into the lava floes.

Our allies find us in a sorry state… “Death is the road to awe.”



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