Dragon Age: A Sword of Glass

From Roïn’s Journal

“The Weight of an Anvil: Orzammar and the Deep Roads”

I entered the heart of Dwarven civilization with rapture. The wondrous craft of stone and steel all about me held me in amazement. We further stocked provisions and arms here, I think, before going on enroute to the Deep Roads. I met with a curious dwarven artisan here that offered a reward from lyrium dust. From the same artisan my benefactors purchase for me a fine crossbow in the Fereldan fashion with a quiver of 20 steel crossbolts. A mighty construct indeed. Upon wielding it, I find myself working it with expert dexterity. I contemplate: I was, am, an archer. I continue to tour the city, turn into the inn for a nights rest alongside the rest of the party, and continue onwards. Along the way I am illuminated unto the details of our particular quest. We have been commissioned by a mage of great substance in the Mages’ Collective to retrieve a magical anvil from some dwarven keep lost long ago in the Deep Roads and infested by Darkspawn. The entrance to and the location of the keep in question was availed to us in Orzammar and our road would now take us to perils that would prove both our steel and will.

Vir Assan,
Vir Bor’Assan,
Vir Adahlen.



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