Dragon Age: A Sword of Glass

From Roïn’s Journal

“The Weight of an Anvil: To Fight an Ogre”

A light at the end of the passage where we encountered the shrieks gave renewed energy to our steps; there was a unanimous hope for a small reprieve. For light.
The sight would be replaced by darkspawn, a legion of them in patrol about the Undercity we sought and had now found. Illuminated to high-noon like brilliance by a great crystal beset in the great cavern’s ceiling, the metropolis before us was not unlike the great masonic splendor I had witnessed in Orzammar. Atop a central building was a figure seated upon a throne beside the Anvil we sought, it’s glow and magnificence captivating even at that distance. The wonder of it all was brought to earth with a reverberating thud. From our high vantage, we discovered several of the patrols were bolstered by beastly ogres, the like of which brought terror and grim gazes from all about the party. We happened across some golems, guardians of some noble dwarven clan in the city. The party left to scour the clan manor for the device which would allow them to give life to the statue and bring it to our control. I took to the rooftops, scouting the vicinity and diverting patrols attentions away from the preparations of the party.
Battle ensues. I managed to lure a whole patrol into the building I was atop and seal the foolish creatures in. The Ogre is brought to bear upon our party. Our golem guardian matches the great fearsome beast toe to toe. Melee on the ground and archers up top, we snipe out the darkspawn mages as they attempt to bolster the ogres monstrous strength. The dwarven fighter launches a flask of this fiery liquor we obtained in Orzammar. It strikes the ogre in combination with a fiery barrage at the hand of our primal mage. The fireball in addition to a great many barrages of spells, blades, arrows, and the sacrifice of our great golem bring the beast down. Its darkspawn handlers and envoy disperse, their vanguard broken. We rose to scale the steps towards the anvil and the armor clad guardian seated enthroned beside it.



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