Dragon Age: A Sword of Glass

The Story so Far...
Rocky beginnings.

The Year is 9:30 by the Divine Calender, within the Dragon Age. It is within this year that I, Damien Reed, chart my progress within the nation of Ferelden:

Wandering alone within the dark, a random group of adventurers stumbled upon a campsite, fire still burning in the dark. Knowing the dangers of the harsh wilderness within the Bannorn, they banded together. Borrif Bouldershoulder, Falas, and Frieda. Discovering signs of battle upon the ground, the group investigated a nearby farmhold, where they found the door shattered, blood staining the home, and no signs of the family. Their search was interrupted by the local militia, who, upon seeing looters, began their attack before being driven away. The group, having no further concern, rested and proceeded to the nearest village of Rockcrest, where they encountered the militia again, along with their captain. Falas was slain in the ensuing battle, and the group routed. From this defeat, they traveled south, soon finding another farmhold, Terace, this one larger and busier. Frieda, approached by a group of Dalish elves on the outskirts, was informed that a payroll containing wages for the King’s Army was taking the night within town. Joining with her kin, Frieda and Borrif raided the inn where the guards were stationed before escaping with the treasure in hand. Once outside, the two surviving Dalish had a philosophical disagreement about wealth distribution and Dallar betrayed his clanmate, slaying him, and joining the group.

From here, the newly enriched group again journeyed south towards the Imperial Highway, encountering an injured forest wolf while making camp, as well as a casteless dwarf, Duergath, markings of his station tattooed into his skin. The wolf had not come alone, however, and during the night, they were set upon by a pack of ravenous black animals, Blight wolves, twisted monsters caused by the poison that darkspawn left upon the land. Dallar was torn apart during the battle, but Borrif nursed the injured wolf back to health and the animal began to follow his new pack. The following day, they heard music echoing throug the wheatfields and sparse trees, and upon investigating, came across an Orlesian man sitting in a tree, who introduced himself as Reed. Reed offered them a boon: a chevalier was in the town of Riverside, and if they dealt with Reed’s pursuer, they would have the full contents of the knight’s inventory. Borrif encountered the chevalier surrounded by townsfolk, for his crime of raping a Ferelden woman. With a little encouragement, Borrif engaged the knight, and between himself and the Fereldens, made short work of the chevalier, discovering a wanted poster upon his body for Reed. Duergath returned, carrying the deceased knight’s saddle, and they enjoyed the relatively little amount of wealth contained within. Reed appeared and, impressed by the two dwarves’ resourcefulness, asked that he accompany them on his way to Denerim. With food, board, and fame within Riverside, the group decided to take to the road again the next day, joining forces with Jacques le Fleur and Pierre, two other Orlesians on the run who were taking refuge in Riverside. Setting out, they were quick to discover that Chasind raiders lay in hiding along the Imperial Highway. Hiding themselves in long grass and mud, they struck from a small tributary that led to Lake Calenhad. Though the wildmen were beaten back, the party spotted several more boats encroaching upon Riverside, but wounded and tired, none decided to return to defend the town; instead, they marched to the trade hub of Lothering.


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