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World and System Information:

House Rules A collection of all unique rules used that aren’t covered in the Player’s Guide or are simply expanded upon.
Darkspawn One theory on the threat behind the Blight.

External Links:

Green Ronin Publishing The guys who made it all possible.
Check for Traps Excellent articles and entertaining reads on tabletop games. Useful for players and GMs alike, enjoyable for all, from the desk of Alexander Macris.
Dragon Age Oracle Great site by someone who really loves the game. Packed full of supplemental information and your daily vitamins.
Esoterica of Thedas, Volume 1 and 2 A crazy good addition to the bestiary and items table. Rediculusly well done, with incredible production, and what must be amazing effort. Games usually release these for 50$, these guys have put them all up for free.
New Stunts by Saisei Bundles of specific stunts, straight from the Dragon Age: Origins game. You can thank me later. Actually, thank Saisei.
Dragon Age Wiki Everything you evr wanted to know about the Dragon age universe.

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